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The idea

Gepubliceerd op 10 oktober 2021 om 07:05

The Butterfly Effect! This is a small movement that causes a big series of changes elsewhere.
We ourselves were first introduced to Upcycling in Eibelstadt, Germany and are now we are going tp organise them everywhere. We cannot give you a better example of the Butterfly Effect. So join us! And make sure we can approach other municipalities too. Upcyclingdays all over Europe is our goal!

Eibelstadt: Beim Upcycling Day Dinge weiterverwenden

Das Bemühen um den Eibelstadter Wochenmarkt zeigt bereits erste Erfolge. Der Stadtrat will außerdem einen Upcycling Day – den nicht-kommerziellen Nachhaltigkeitstag.


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