Upcycling Day TM is a fun day when people take their goodies to the street.
Interested parties can take the goodies for free.

Are you someone vibrant with energy and optimism? Do you, like us, believe in the power of community and small acts that can make a big difference? Do you have a heart that beats faster at the idea of turning your street, neighborhood, village or city into a place where free stuff gets a second life? Then you are exactly who we are looking for!

Together we will make sure you can organize a successful Upcyclingday and get off to a flying start. We have marketing materials and an organizational package for you. And lots of ideas on how to make this day even more fun. We also have an education package for kids.

Let's join hands, to do something nice for the neighborhood, and to reduce waste!

good for the environment

good for the wallet

includes an educational programme for children

it promotes social cohesion

inspiring and creative

great for the environment


with our locator you can find all your stuff

upcycling is better than recycling!

24-6 it's international Upcyclingday, but every day is suitable for organising an Upcyclingday

Upcy the Upcycling hedgehog.

At latest juli 2024, an educational package will be ready

The educational package will contain:

Raise students' awareness of the challenges of the environment and climate change;

Develop innovative practises for students to become agents of change by using fewer resources, reducing waste consumption and offsetting carbon emissions;

Developing sustainability skills of teachers, leaders and staff;
Promote interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative learning and the development of creativity;

Promote interdisciplinary teaching in culture, environment, business, design and other fields;

Strengthening student initiative and entrepreneurship;

Promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in different areas of education;

To disseminate the result widely and to create a network of interested institutions and actors.

Target group

Primary and secondary schools and teachers 

Environmental associations

Primary and secondary school students and their families 

City councils and municipalities

Policymakers in the field of education and environment 

Partner organisations and stakeholders.


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Join the global movement of sustainability enthusiasts as we celebrate Upcycling Day! This special day is dedicated to promoting the art of upcycling, a creative and eco-friendly approach to waste reduction. We provide you with the opportunity to organise such a day in your neighborhood or municipality. In this article, we will delve into the concept of upcycling, its benefits, and how you can get involved in this growing trend.

Upcycling is the process of transforming discarded materials or products into something of higher value or quality. Unlike recycling, which involves breaking down materials to create new ones, upcycling breathes new life into existing items. It is a form of creative repurposing that encourages us to see potential in things others might consider trash.

The benefits of upcycling are multifaceted. Firstly, it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, helping to combat the environmental challenges posed by excessive waste accumulation. Upcycling also conserves valuable resources that would otherwise be used in the production of new items. By giving existing materials a second chance, we minimize the need for extraction, manufacturing, and transportation processes that contribute to carbon emissions.

Upcycling is not just environmentally friendly; it's also a fantastic way to express your creativity. By transforming old or discarded objects, you can unleash your imagination and create unique, personalized pieces. From repurposing wooden pallets into stylish furniture to turning glass jars into charming candle holders, the possibilities for upcycling projects are endless. Let your creativity shine while reducing your carbon footprint!

Now that you understand the significance of upcycling, how can you participate in Upcycling Day? Use our materials, and organise an Upcyclingday in your neighborhood or municipality.

On Upcycling Day, consider organizing or participating in community events, workshops, or exhibitions that showcase upcycled creations. Share your projects on social media using the hashtag #UpcyclingDay to inspire others and raise awareness about the positive impact of upcycling. By spreading the word, you contribute to a more sustainable future and encourage others to adopt this creative and eco-friendly practice.

Embrace the art of upcycling and organise an Upcycling Day. Through this innovative and sustainable approach, we can reduce waste, conserve resources, and stimulate our creativity. Let's come together to make a difference, one upcycled creation at a time. Join the movement today and let your imagination soar while contributing to a greener planet!